Product overview MOTOTRBO™

Digital professional radio - the future of modern radio communication

MOTOTRBO™ combines the advantages of the established radio communication with the efficiency of digital technology. In comparison with analogue radio systems, MOTOTRBO™ has a more effective use of frequencies.The TDMA technology (Time-Division Multiple Access) makes a double channel use possible and raises the number of users per 12.5 kHz channel. The simultaneous transmission of data and audio offers a wide range of different applications. You can, for example, establish two voice calls or one voice call and one data transmission simultaneously while maintaining the same level of perfomance.

In addition, voice transmission and reception is clearer and more accurate over longer distances than in similar analogue systems. There are no interferences due to white noise in the peripheral area. The digital technlogy filters out background noise such as work oder traffic noise.

The technology platform MOTOTRBO™ supports radio communication both in digital and in analogue mode. This dual mode system makes it possible for the user to easily switch from analgue professional radio to digital radio.