Alerting of task forces

Nowadays, the silent alerting of fire brigade and rescue service personnel via radio message receivers (pagers) replaces the use of sirens in many areas. For the silent alerting, both analogue as well as digital radio technologies are utilized.  Often, several transmission technologies are even used at the same time, especially if an older system is to be replaced by a modern one.

In addition, alarm systems are not only used by emergency and rescue organisations but also by private service providers and industrial companies. In this case, further requirements become relevant, such as alerting via voice calls (telephone), SMS, SDS, fax, e-mail and more.

ATS Elektronik GmbH offers modern solutions that fulfil the following requirements:

  • Services (planning of radio networks and alerting systems)
  • Infrastructure (transmission hardware and dispatcher software)
  • Devices / pager (alarm receivers)
  • Accessories for alarm receivers
  • Applications (additional developments and applications)