Indoor location

In the area of indoor localisation we locate objects or personnel inside of buildings.

We offer you different solutions for indoor localisation, where we essentially differentiate between two main approaches.

1. Device based location:

Installation of a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon infrastructure at specified locations.


  • little effort for installing the infrastructure
  • low-maintenance with battery-operated wall beacons
  • possibility of parametrising the beacons over the air
  • low infrastructure cost

2. Infrastructure based location:


  • low costs for the beacons
  • suitable for locating large numbers of people or products
  • localisation in high resolution possible
  • long battery life of beacons
  • low-maintenance
  • Communication of the infrastructure gateways via WLAN and RS485
  • optional additional features (e.g. temperature reading, position sensor or emergency button) possible

We offer solutions for the following areas:

  • Emergency evacuation
  • Guard protection
  • Personen-Notsignal-Anlagen (Lone worker protection)
  • Asset management

We are happy to look at your requirements and work out the perfect solution for you - true to our company motto "Together from planning to implementation"